Some Questions about Robots?

Some Questions about Robots?

By: Nicolo Miguel Ulit

As artificial intelligence develops the imagination of humans start to go wild, and questions like the ones below start

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Will robots take over the world one day?

What role will robots play in our society later this century?

What would society be like if robots took over our jobs?

So, let me add another question to this. Why do we need robots? How about the question, why do we keep building and improving robots if we think that some of them will rebel against us in the future?

Why do we need Robots?

To answer this question I had went to ask google, because the answers will vary, and this is what people had to say.

Overall what people had to say was that, we need robots because there are some things that we as human being just cannot do on our own.

Why are people scared of Robots?

There are 3 main reasons that people are scared of robots

  1. They are not safe
  2. They will take our Jobs
  3. Artificial Intelligence is not safe

However these are really not that good reasons to be scared of robots because new safety technology is made every day to make sure that the robots won’t hurt us. Sure they might take our current jobs, but new jobs, even new industries will start to emerge because of these new technology.

How is related to engineering?

This is related to engineering because it is talking about a certain topic that will most likely be the future of engineering.

I think that people should not be scared of robots because a majority of them were made to help us during our everyday life.