The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

By: Arda Dogan

You have probably heard of different wave types like Radio, Wi-Fi, X-rays etc. But how do they compare and what makes them different from each other. You will now learn about Electromagnetic Spectrum or EMS for short.

Electromagnetism is the interrelation of electrical currents and magnetic fields, and electromagnetic spectrum contains the electromagnetic waves known as Electromanetic Radiation, or ER. These waves are created by moving charged particles and travel at the speed of light.

The first wave is the radio wave, it has a really low wavelength and energy. They are used for remote control systems, mobile netowrking and broadcasting. It interracts with antennas really well.

The second one is the microwave. Microwaves have a wide use as well as the radio waves. They can cook stuff. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also operate at this level. Radars use microwave to locate things.

The third, infrared waves are used for remote controls and measuring. Some animals can see these.

The fourth, visible light. Visible light let’s us see our world. Everything we see reflect visible light so that we can see the object. Our retina has special pigment molecules that detect visible light.

The fifth is the ultraviolet. The sun produces a lot of these. They have high energy relatively to visible light and it can cause harm to human body. This means they are ionizing.

The sixth, x-rays. They are also ionizing and can pass through the human skin. Theya are used for x-ray imaging. Too much can harm you.

The last one is the gamma ray. It’s the most powerful electromagnetic ray. It has extremely high energy and frequency. It can be produced by splitting an atom.

This is related to engineering, because engineers use electromagnetic waves to create new products and also for experimenting.