GoFish Cam



By: Margaret Doan


The GoFish Cam is a wireless camera that captures footage while in underwater. The inventors are brothers named Ryan and Brandon Austin who created GoFish Cam. It works by using a mobile app and the camera is located on the fishing line. From the mobile app (apple and android), you can record, edit, and share the video. As for it’s features, it is waterproofed for up to 150 meters while underwater and has a 1080 HD color video quality. As included, it also have a 170-degree wide lens that could record your fishing adventures! The lens also have infrared and night vision features in it. The camera can record up to four hours. The Gofish has some similarities just like the GoPro but the difference is, it specializes in recording underwater footage. Using the GoFish Cam, can change your fishing trip experience!


Links to read:                                                                                                                                                  https://gofishcam.com/products/gofish-cam


In my opinion, it is related to engineering because the inventors have to design the GoFish Cam. Before the engineering process, they have to list out ideas and planned on how to build the camera. Also, during the process, they encounter mistakes and errors. So, the engineers have to work together to solve the problems while creating the GoFish cam.