DAY 1 solar panel charger


Today on April 25 we have received our equipment to work on our project which is the solar panel charger. We have received the following ………….. 2 two pack sistema pack containers , 4 solar panels , 4 battery place holders , 5 dc 2 dc cables , as well as a package of many types of different volte.

WHAT HAVE WE DONE –  today we had organized our equipment and set the out as seen in the featured image. we have also drilled a hole in our container . The reason that we drilled a hole was because the solar panels will go on the top of the container with tape to make it stick, but since we have drilled a hole on the top of our container so that wires from the solar panel .


THE website that we have used is a video on YouTube that is mini mod Monday . the video talks about how to do this project. he also states what you need and how you ned to put them in place and use them.