Make a working aluminum camera!

Make a working aluminum camera!

By: Nick Afanasyev

To make this aluminum camera you need: aluminum, wood, film paper, lenses, and other pieces to assemble this camera. first, you heat up the aluminum and make a mold for the nose cone. then you mold the covering and other pieces. next, you drill holes and put screws into it to assemble it. then you put in the lens, background and inside, and put on wiring and buttons.

heres the link to the instructions and videos:

Cast, Mold, and Mill an Aluminum Camera from Scratch

This camera works by quickly letting light in for a split second when you press the button. with a dark inside, it leaves a sort of lingering image on the paper. You need to take it out, and put into special chemicals to see the image, and that’s how a camera works.

this relates to engineering because you have to mold the aluminum, and put the lens in it. you’re also wiring and making lenses. you also weld the nose cone to the base and other inside parts.

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follow all the instructions, and boom you have a professional working camera!