software shenanigans


Basically, in our project we have to use a universal LCD controller board (V56). Sounds like I could plug it into any lcd monitor and it would work fine, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. we need to use a USB and electricity to flash our specific firmware onto the board. To do that, you need a very specific firmware file. To find this, I screwed around the Internet for a while until I found someone who let me install the firmware for V56 controller boards. Remember how I needed a specific file? There are a few dozen different files here for me to sort through. Fortunately, I can use the monitor’s resolution (1366 x 768) to sort through most of it. This still leaves me with 59 to try to flash onto the board. Still, there may be multiple that work for my monitor.

This connects to engineering because this is part of the process in which we are turning an otherwise useless piece of junk into something that one of us can use around this house. This part of the process is important because otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to interface with the LCD.