Tattoo Ink that Disappears After A Year

By: Kashaf Baig

Ephemeral’s Tattoo Ink automatically disappears after a year because the ink in this tattoo is made to with this purpose. The tattoos start fade several months after you get them.

Most tattoos do not disappear after you get them because the ink molecules are to big for your body’s immune system. These tattoos disappear because Ephemeral’s uses smaller dye molecules that the immune system can destroy.


The company is also designing a removal solution. The removal solution is to be used if the user wants to remove their tattoo before the 12 month span. They are basically changing the tattoo industry by making tattoos simple as drawing on sketchpad or an iPad.

Ephemeral’s Tattoo Ink Automatically Disappears After A Year

This involves engineering because they’ve created a different formula for tattoo ink. They followed the engineering design process by taking an original idea, doing some research, and creating new formula design and making the product.