Material reformation

Material reformation

By: Jaylen Levy

also known as a materializer. These machines can deconstruct matter into smaller,simpler forms so it is easy to move around and compact

this may be an idea but scientists made this idea reality

Farthest Quantum Teleportation

Credit: sakkmesterke/Shutterstock

Chinese scientists have just shattered a record in teleportation. No, they haven’t beamed anyone up to a spaceship. Rather, they sent a packet of information from Tibet to a satellite in orbit, up to 870 miles (1,400 kilometers) above the Earth’s surface.

More specifically, the scientists beamed the quantum state of a photon (information about how it is polarized) into orbit.

Not only did the team set a record for quantum teleportation distance, they also showed that one can build a practical system for long-distance quantum communications. Such a communication system would be impossible to eavesdrop on without alerting the users, which would make online communications much more secure.

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Material reformation