Bionic Nerf Artillery Replaces Prosthetic Hand


By: Kevin Donnelly

Bionic Nerf Artillery Replaces Prosthetic Hand

Though it may not seem practical to attach a Nerf gun instead of a prosthetic arm, this could be a major step in many directions.

Two college students were playing around with Nerf guns when they decided that it was always too easy to beat their one armed friend because he couldn’t aim. So instead of just stop playing with him, they decided to replace his arm with a Nerf gun. Using electromyography, just like his existing hand, they hacked together a Nerf blaster that would shoot every time Nicholas flexed a muscle in his forearm. The hardest part to them wasn’t being able to get it to work but actually finding the right Nerf gun.

This has less to do with Nerf guns, and more to do with the military implications. If we can find a way to make guns and other destructive tools be connected to people who would normally have prosthetic arms. It also could be used for more creative ways that they may not be able to normally do with their prosthetic arm. It is a perfect example of how almost everyone can create their own new technologies that are applicable to things that most people would say are childish, such as a Nerf arm. It is not necessarily a huge step forward in any certain technologies that have to do with prosthetics, but it does has some implications as to what may be the future of people with disabilities and lost ligaments.