Robot Human


By: Anna Burger

What if you couldn’t tell humans and robots apart? This Chinese inventor unveiled the most human looking robot in the world.  Chen Xiaoping may have created the worlds most realistic robot ever. It took three years to create and manufacture this robot. The robot can speak, show micro expressions, has lip movement, and can move its body and neck to show manners appropriately.

This robot has changed the way people have viewed the world of robots since. This robot can do many things humans can do. This robot “goddess” can have conversation with humans this requires technology to make it speak and to know how to respond. The robot also has many moods to react to any situation. They engineered the robot to have real life eye movements which also requires technology. The robot has many sensors to sense where people are and the movements the robot does.

This robot relates to technology because it is a robot someone has created and they put technology into it.