Hurricane spin broom

By: Kelly Sin

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  • Cyclone-Spinning Brushes Pick Up Dirt Easily
  • Can be Used on Wet and Dry Messes
  • Empty Out Bin in One-Touch


The Hurricane Spin Broom can help make your job easier and faster. There is no hassle with a cord as it has a long-lasting battery pack and is lightweight, weighing less than 2 pounds. The Hurricane Spin Broom has built-in Triple-Brush Technology and comes with 3 different brushes, all which clean with suctioning cyclonic action that will clean both dry and wet messes. Use it on any hard surface in order to clean almost anything; it steers with a swivel around tight corners for quick and easy cleaning. Its bin is heavy-duty and has a big capacity and can be emptied out in just seconds. The handle is 38.5” long and the broom head measures 12” across.

This product relates to engineering because it solves a lot of problems people have in their house with trash on the ground. Engineers had to find out how to do 3 in 1 which probably took a long process to make a tool that people use on a daily.

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