A New Turn For The iPhone


By: Benjamin Pennington

On September 12th, the all new, “iPhone X” (pronounced “iPhone 10”) was announced at an Apple during a press event, the new phone is quite different from it’s predecessors. These are some of it’s new features.

There’s no home button! This new iteration of the iPhone doesn’t have one. Now, there’s a different way to “go home”. To get to the home screen you just have to swipe up, like you would if you wanted to use control center, and it will take you straight home!


With a glass back, wireless charging is now possible on the iPhone. Wireless charging has already been on the Samsung Galaxy for a few years now. With wireless charging, there is no need to plug in a charger into a charging port. You just need to rest the phone on a charging pad.

Most iphone’s have something called “Touch-ID”. But now since there is not longer a home button, there is no longer Touch-ID. To replace Touch-ID, there is “Face-ID”. Your face is now your password with Face-ID. Face-ID functions using several cameras and sensors to create a picture. These cameras are collectively called the “True-Depth System”.


Do you love using emotes when texting? Now with the iphone you can “Animoji” yourself! The phone maps muscles in your face, almost like the Face-ID unlock, but it basically makes the face emoji change facial expression as you do . With Animoji, you can smile, frown, make funny faces, and the emoji will do it too!


Here is Apple’s video on the iPhone X: