Recycling Gum

By: Claire Conley

When it comes to chewing gum, most people wouldn’t think that you could do anything other than chew it. For Anna Bullus, she had a different idea. Anna had noticed that lots of gum got stuck to random places. She wanted to come up with a way to reduce the litter, and found that gum can be recycled. To encourage people to throw away their gum, she created bright pink bins, specifically for collecting gum. Once the bins are full, they are sent to a recycling plant and are made into coffee cups, shoe soles, and other items. Hopefully this will become more widespread in the future.

This relates to engineering because a problem was identified and then they created a solution. This is the purpose of engineering, to fix a problem. It also relates to  engineering because she had to find a way to use the materials in the gum to create something new.