Google Clips Camera

By: Margaret Doan

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Waiting for a new device from Google? Well, Google has just released a new, small camera called ‘clips’.  It shoots 6-7 seconds of videos and photos, even though the video is silent. The device captures the movement of pets, people, and smiles. The cost for this is $250 and is sold in Google store, Best Buy, and other stores. The videos and photos are sent to an Clips app where you can save or delete them. Therefore, the device determines to capture the perfect moment. As, Google Clips is very similar to GoPro, it is very different based on how they are programmed. Therefore, Google Clips is one of the devices created from Google.


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In my opinion, it is related to engineering because of the design and how it is programmed. Programmers and software engineering teams have to work together to create the ‘Clips’.  As it is created, they first must planned and create ideas to make it work.